This project elevated Akasa's voice in the conversation surrounding food equity and food access in Los Angeles.

Project Details


Akasa Community Non-profit

This 501(c)(3) responds to the lack of healthy food opportunities that exist for low- income youth and families in Los Angeles by promoting food equity. Akasa was in need of a more robust website and marketing strategy that met the needs of five key audiences: students, families, donors, advocates, and the press.

Developing a brand identity

When it comes to website design, a gorgeous interface without thoughtful planning is vapid. A well thought out website without a robust design strategy will be less potent. Utilizing design principles while developing brand strategy is important to the overall ecosystem of your organization. Akasa Community had never defined their marketing or brand strategy, so I facilitated a workshop which defined the non-profit's culture, benefits, customers & users, value & impact, and tone. After this workshop, I refined the information they provided me into a document they would be able to reference as the organization grows. From there, I made on how color, typography, and language choices can support the growth and success of their brand.

During this process, I often see lightbulbs go off in clients’ heads. By facilitating this strategy development process, I help businesses concretely define the goals and ideas they’ve had on their mind but had never quantified fully. Finally, I combine the results of this process into a document which defines the brand strategy and attributes in one place.  

The importance of solid brand identity in design

In the world of UI design, branding creates a set of visual and interactive elements which are applied throughout the interface. From a UX perspective, an interface should reflect the values of a brand through every design choice and element.

When designing a product or website, I find value in also developing robust design systems or design guidelines. This saves time during the design process by reducing the need to "reinvent the wheel", allows for a smoother transition between different designers and stakeholders, and can easily be adapted to new conditions in the future as the company grows.

When building a design system, important considerations must be given to key items such as typography, iconography, empty states, interactions, and color. These key items each have a powerful impact on users. When done well, they can empower users, simplify navigation, express information hierarchy, and achieve other design best practices. These design considerations can be made more powerful by unifying them under the principles of a defined brand identity.

More coming later.

This project is on-going. Email me for a more info on this project!

Responsibilities include:

  • Website redesign
  • Content strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Marketing strategy
  • Event marketing
  • Social media strategy
The inspiration to the website design standards and guideline I established.