A/E/C Startup

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Project Details


Architecture Startup

It is exciting to work with startups to help define essential constructs of their business that reinforce their vision and goals. For this Startup, I not only helped with brand identity, website design, and marketing strategy, but I also helped define the business strategy to help guide the success of the venture. This Startup was founded to solve key challenges to the A/E/C industry with an emphasis on the housing crisis in Los Angeles. The site is not yet published.

Business Strategy

Leaning on my experience in corporate enterprises and managing a small business, I developed a concrete strategy to help define growth objectives over set periods of time. 

Brand Identity Strategy

I’ve developed a framework that defines the startup’s culture, benefits, customers & users, value & impact, and tone. I hosted a workshop with the startup to help them brainstorm the intent of their company. After this workshop, I refined the information they provided me into a concrete set of terms which describe their organization. From there, decisions are made on how color, typography, and language choices can support this brand. 

During this process, I often see lightbulbs go off in clients’ heads. By facilitating this strategy development process, I help businesses concretely define the goals and ideas they’ve had on their mind but had never quantified fully. Finally, I combine the results of this process into a document which defines the brand strategy and attributes in one place.  

Design Guidelines + UI Elements

I love having the opportunity to produce visual elements for a client from scratch. But more-so, I love the opportunity to create design guidelines for startups. My hope is that as a client’s organization grows, they will be able to utilize and adapt the guidelines as they develop new products. By instituting guidelines early in the design process, you are working to promote consistency, rapid design processes, and successful implementation once a design has been handed off to developers and engineers. This is particularly important when designing a responsive web design. 

It is important to build on material design conventions such as Google’s material designs. Use designs that prompt users to recall information they already know. Looking for a menu? Utilize the same hamburger icon on each page where the menu is hidden. Need help? A question mark will prompt you with information to the problems you have. 

Layout and Composition

Using typography, layout, and color to express the hierarchy of information is of great importance to focus a user’s attention, facilitate easier navigation, and improve engagement for select KPIs. 

Proximity, alignment, negative space, color and contrasting typography styles are elemental principles that help establish hierarchy, organization, and consistency in product design. Using a grid system helps create consistency while implementing these principles throughout the design process.