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The case study reflects on how integrating a strong brand identity into the UI elements can improve navigation, provide a beautiful experience for users, and foster a relationship between the users and the company.

Important UI decisions were made under the principle of providing a contemporary look and feel. Providing "room to breathe" on each page supported the startup's mission of providing a modern experience to the users.

Uploading your own service provider

A recent client provides an in-home service with highly qualified and vetted professional service providers. Ahead of an upcoming pilot program, the client requested our services to develop a new feature that allows for a user to upload their own service provider.

As part of this pilot program, the client wants to empower users by allowing them to add their own service provider to their iOS and Android app and then book their services. Uploading their own service providers will allow users to work with someone they already know and trust.

We developed a full user flow for this new feature and offered comprehensive and robust feedback on the existing app. I defined the following goals for the project to guide our work and develop a successful product for the client:

•Improve navigation and provide a beautiful experience to users

•Improve conventions & UI elements to increase usability

•Contemporary look & feel with “room to breathe”

I identified select KPI’s for the client to monitor the success of the new feature and improved designs once they have been implemented:

• # of monthly new users

• Monthly new revenue

• # of repeat bookings (retention)

The World Needs Better Forms

Many of my clients experience their highest drop-off rates (when a user decides to bail from an app or website) while users are filling out forms.

Users don’t like providing their personal information for the umpteenth time. However, forms are a valuable opportunity for a business to interact with users and collect important data. By making this process more painless, logical, and attractive, users feel less burdened by providing their personal information and build a positive relationship with your brand.