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Happier Camper

How can a redesigned website and improved processes enhance the customer experience while supporting the company's new B2C strategies? As a business-focused UX designer, I first develop the overall strategies that can support the growth of a business before roadmapping & enacting design solutions.


I spend much of my time advocating for the needs of the customers. The resulting user flows, feature prioritizations, and design strategies must then be confidently proposed to a variety of stakeholders, including leadership and web design team, before they may be implemented and products can be designed. I've proven that I can effectively collaborate with engineers, product managers and business stakeholders, remotely and in person.

The outcome of this advocacy has taken many forms, from creating salient strategies for the website redesign, implementing improved communication practices, facilitating more cross-functional conversations with leadership and staff to encourage more transparency and guidance... let's just say, I wear a lot of hats.


UX Design + Business Strategy = UX Strategy

At its core, UX design needs to be aligned with the strategies of the business to create the most impact. A lot of my work focuses on utilizing soft skills to uncover the needs of leadership while also making strong recommendations for what is best for the business and the customer. By understanding the goals of the company, I can implement design thinking and design strategy to achieve those goals- while focusing on the needs of the customer.

I also have created an arsenal of tools and products, such as research reports, briefs, and decks, which enable Happier Camper's investment strategies.

Project Mangement

I've grown my abilities as a project manager after working closely with a cross-functional team to drive progress, enhance standards, and advocate for exceptional customer experiences. As Happier Camper's only designer, I focus on a lean design methodology that effectively manages internal stakeholders and external consultants help define, execute, and iterate on interactions, visual design patterns, and animations for our new digital ecosystem while economizing our resources. I'm scrappy- once I have my objectives set, I hunt to confirm which resources are available and dive in.

I joined Happier Camper to bring their new website redesign over the finish line with WLCR.io, a web dev consulting agency out of Portland, OR. I also manage and coordinate a suite of employees and consultants to produce marketing materials, establish partnerships, and facilitate an enhanced customer experience.

Design Work

I'd love to have a more in-depth conversation about my design work at Happier Camper. In the meantime, here's a brain dump of the activities I find myself spending the most time on:

  • wireframing
  • prototyping
  • kpi analysis
  • site mapping
  • user interviews
  • feature road mapping
  • stakeholder workshops
  • user flow development
  • feature prioritization
  • design guidelines
  • usability testing
  • user research*
  • affinity mapping
  • user personas
  • brand strategy
  • partnership coordination
  • marketing material production and coordination
  • etc!

*With a background in Sociology, I emphasize ethical research design that decreases bias and controls for key characteristics of my target user group.

Resource Center

I'm very proud of the Resource Center I developed. The purpose of the resource center was to:

  • posit Happier Camper as an industry-leader by sharing its knowledge of fiberglass products
  • alleviate the workload of our support team by responding to FAQ's with more in-depth information
  • prepare new customers for the ins-and-outs of camper ownership

After completing user research and developing a feature prioritization, I settled on implementing blog format allows for documents to be easily changeable as new information becomes available. After drafting and producing documents in InDesign, I uploaded them to Shopify so they may be downloaded at anytime by customers.

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I'd love to talk about this role with you in greater detail. Send me an email to start the conversation!