Lipslut Cosmetics

How can a website redesign improve the transparency of a brand, foster greater inclusivity, and improve e-commerce sales?

Project Details


Lipslut Cosmetics

Lipslut is an alternative cosmetic company founded in direct opposition to the GOP. Lipslut operates on a philanthropic platform: 50% of each purchase from select products is donated to charity. Co-founders Katie Sones and Ken Gronin sought out a design team to enhance the usability of their e-commerce website and grow their business.

Project Goals

  1. Provide a better understanding of Lipslut’s philanthropy
  2. Accommodate more diverse in-line product images
  3. Foster community
  4. Improve the user experience of navigation
  5. Produce a robust content strategy and brand identity

Research Approach

To achieve more reliable research results, I emphasized using ethical research practices and interviewed a diverse group of participants.

Research Methods

  1. In-person interviews
  2. Market Research
  3. Customer Journey Mapping
  4. Site Mapping
  5. User Flow Testing
  6. Customer Development Survey

Customer Mindsets/User Personas

After synthesizing the research, we concluded there were three distinct and key personas:

  • Maddi Anderson, an existing and heavy Lipslut user
  • Kim, a new Lipslut user
  • Shea, a potential Lipslut user who presently feels excluded from the brand
The research showed Lipslut needed to find ways to be more equitable and inclusive of a variety of users.

Design Studio

A design studio is the perfect time to gather valuable insights from stakeholders while providing articulated UX advice to the client.


After the design studio with the client, we set up a lo-fi clickable prototype using Figma to test the usability of our designs and finalize our design strategy.

Pixel Perfect

After clarifying the design strategy, I defined a design guideline to ensure consistency across the entire website. This is an important tool both for designers and development teams.

Brand Identity

I developed Lipslut's first brand identity guidelines as a result of comprehensive interviews with the founders and research of the startup's existing look, feel, and tone.

Important UI improvements included the introduction of a "Charity" banner above in-line product images to provide transparency and an API to integrate social media content to foster community.
A major pain point for users was not having "Clarity of Charities".

I was responsible for the development of the following pages:

• Home/Landing
• Charities page (accordion menu for scannability)
• View All products page
• Product Series page (F*CK and Lipslut Lab Series)
• Product detail page (F*CK Trump)
• Charities pop-up on product page
• "Oh F*CK" pop-up
• Create an Account page