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Lipslut e-commerce

Lipslut Cosmetics
Content Strategy, Marketing, UX Design

Lipslut is an alternative cosmetic company founded in direct opposition to the GOP. Lipslut operates on a philanthropic platform: 50% of each purchase from select products is donated to charity. Co-founders Katie Sones and Ken Gronin sought out a design team to enhance the usability of their e-commerce website and grow their business.

In order for this design project to have a lasting impact, I designed a content strategy focused on supporting the growth of Lipslut. This content strategy is sustainable in that the company can deploy it across varied platforms and is considerate of their resources. I also performed a brand identity assessment to help guide the founders’ understanding of their product and company.

This comprehensive redesign of Lipslut's e-commerce site was completed before the client engaged with web developers to build a custom site. The project followed a comprehensive UX process: Discovery, Synthesis, Ideation & Design, Iteration, and lastly Implementation.

Due to the provocative nature of Lipslut's brand, this case study includes contemporary language and imagery that may be exasperating to some.The tone of the project was shameless, brazen, and unapologetic. We got to use the word "F*ck" a lot.

Problems & Challenges

Lipslut identified three KPI's that are in need of improvement: cart abandonment, conversion rates, and repurchase rates.

After completing comprehensive research of potential and existing customers, competitors, and Lipslut's brand & existing conditions, my design team recognized additional challenges that we would need to address in this project:
Clarity of Lipslut's mission
Transparency of the philanthropic process
• Difficulty navigating the site
Confidence in the product before making a purchase
• Lack of community within this mission-driven company


To address the problems and challenges outlined above, we identified the following strategies and features that would guide our design process:
Clarity: I developed a content strategy to provide a better understanding of Lipslut as a company
Transparency: I designed a pop-up on the product page and my team design a page dedicated to information about each charity benefitted by lipstick purchases
Navigation: I facilitated a design studio with the team and client that focused on navigation and information hierarchy
Confidence: I redesigned the product page to have more in-line product images, user reviews, social media integration (for images of customers using the lipstick) to give a customer a better understanding of the product
Community: Social media is integrated on the home page and product pages. Users are invited to create an account & leave a review after making a purchase

Users were confused which products

Discovery & Research

As with most projects I complete, the first 1.5 weeks of this project was dedicated to research and synthesis. It is very important to ensure strategies and designs are founded in thorough research. After completing stakeholder interviews, more than 20 user interviews, a KPI analysis, brand analysis, heuristic analysis, competitive and comparative analysis, and some user flows, the team felt confident we had enough information to set out and tackle the design phase.

I led the stakeholder interviews, design studio, and brand analysis while supporting the team in the rest of the research tasks.

We concluded through our research that Lipslut had different groups of primary customers, which we developed into three distinct user personas. The three users were:

  • Maddi Anderson, an existing and heavy Lipslut user
  • Kim, a new Lipslut user
  • Shea, a potential Lipslut user

Content Strategy

The content strategy plans for the creation, publication, and maintenance of Lipslut’s content. When developing the content strategy, I found that many users were NOT seeing the content they needed or where they expected it.

For example, the company’s mission and philanthropic efforts weren’t clear to users; it took too long for a user to discover which product lines were associated with a charity; and there wasn't enough variety of in-line product images or skin tones of models to satisfy the customer. Each of these examples elaborate the need for a robust content strategy.

My content strategy also included editorial elements including a brand identity analysis, tone recommendations, copywriting improvements, image recommendations, and design guidelines.

Overall, the content strategy was developed to provide continuity in how Lipslut represents itself via tone, imagery, and information about the charities, products, and company itself. I developed the content strategy myself. While developing the content strategy, I aimed to create a sustainable practice for creating, editing, and uploading content that would last beyond the scope of this project.

Great forms with clear alignment, grouped related fields, and comfortable padding limits improves error management and accessibility.

I was responsible for the development of the following pages:

• Home/Landing
• Charities page (accordion menu for scannability)
• View All products page
• Product Series page (F*CK and Lipslut Lab Series)
• Product detail page (F*CK Trump)
• Charities pop-up on product page
• "Oh F*CK" pop-up
• Create an Account page

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